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No one knows the new brand of a company, and no one knows the rise of loneliness. The value of the service cannot attract the attention of target customers for a while, you can only helplessly reduce the price to get the attention of customers.

Especially when you advertise on social media in the early stage of your business, you need to get attention instantly in the vast advertising. Not only do you get customer click-through rates, you also reduce your advertising costs by 28%, and guide potential customers to read your ads. Video affects customers to place orders.

According to the Malaysian SSM Registry, there were 46,987 new company registrations locally in 2019, an average of 3,915 new company registrations every month, and an average of 130 new company registrations every day.

With such a huge amount of data, how can you keep you differentiated from your customers so that customers can instantly perceive your pure presence?

Immediately make an animated logo belonging to your company to make your brand like a magnet. The first second of the movie will stop the customer’s eyeballs on your movie instantly, and subtly guide customers to finish watching your movie!

In addition to social media advertising, where can animated logos be used?

  • Attract attention at various trade shows-Let your brand attract customers’ attention and interest among the various brands.
  • Email signature-You can turn the animated logo into a GIF animation, and sign under the long email to make the recipient leave a special impression.
  • Speech-Before the speech, play the animated logo to cultivate the atmosphere of the topic of the day and make it easier for customers to participate.
  • Website homepage-customers can be surprised by your animated logo and feel the professionalism and sincerity of your brand in the first second they enter the homepage.

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According to the Internet survey report, “Survey on the Status of Video Marketing in 2019,” 99% of marketers are using video, and 88% said they plan to invest more in video than in previous years. But this increase in video marketing has also brought increased competition.

If you want to start with an animated logo to make your video can help you look more professional, it also sends out a clear message of ownership from people pressing to play.

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